Meet LABSme

Our Story

“Solutions need the presence of the problems, in order to be visible.”

In 2019, LABSme was founded in ”Framingham State University Entrepreneur Innovation Center” by two young entrepreneurs who realize the lack of connection between pharmaceutical companies and CRO/CMO(Contract Research/Manufacturing Organizations) firms. We believe that ‘’LABSme’’ and its ‘’LabTrust’’ technology will bring a solution to this problem.

Our Mission

LABSme wants to work as a bridge between Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Companies and CRO/CMO firms by using LABSme Application, our database and ‘’LabTrust 1.0’’ Technology.

Our Vision

As LABSme, we want to be one of the biggest helpers of patients by supporting drug production process with our products and  solutions.



CEO & Co-Founder

Mahmut ATES